craig quintero

craig quintero upcoming projects
blur / Yo-Chang Art Museum / New Taipei City, Taiwan / August 5-11, 2019

There is a fluid boundary between observing and being observed, between the empowered and the powerless. Most of us exist somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, overseeing our specific job or tasks while at the same time being overseen. "blur" explores this relationship, creating a liminal encounter that exists in between. The twenty-minute performance for an audience of one will premiere at the Yo-Chang Art Museum.
craig quintero upcoming projects
soft lights for sleepless nights / Taiwan National Experimental Theatre / Taipei, Taiwan / December 12-21, 2019

"soft lights for sleepless nights" uses Brian Eno’s Discreet Music as its script, transforming his “ambient music” into a new form of “ambient theatre.” The performance’s gradually evolving images mirror his subtle musical shifts, simultaneously exploding and collapsing time. The 54 minute and 12 second album provides a “text” of sounds, of poetic changes in tempo, scale and duration. soft lights for sleepless nights reimagines that text and embodies it with a series of living tableaux vivants, a collection of “still lifes” in motion.