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craig quintero upcoming projects
night magic / The Place Hotel / Tainan, Taiwan / June 17-27, 2017

There is something magical about the night, something mysterious and enticing… As sunlight fades into darkness, familiar people and places transform, and the world shifts, unsettling the familiarity of the known. Our eyes and ears heighten their awareness, amplifying the intensity of our five senses. And as the hours pass and we delve deeper into darkness, our body physiologically changes as we are pushed and pulled between the desire for action and the weight of sleep. Night is the realm of dreaming and making love, of mystery and adventure. Night is the time of magic… This new installment in Riverbed Theatre’s “Just for You” project continues the immersive, experiential focus of the series. Staged for one audience member at a time, the 30-minute performance starts at 1:30 AM, beginning when most peoples’ days have already long ended. Performed in The Place Tainan Hotel, "night magic" takes the audience on a journey through the unique architectural landscape of the hotel.
craig quintero upcoming projects
hypnosis / BOK Festival / Macau, China / July 4-8, 2017

Hollywood films have perpetuated a theatrical mythos of hypnosis that invariably includes a bearded, old man dangling a swinging watch in front of his patient’s face, slowly immersing the patient in a dreamlike trance. In these films, the psychiatrist attempts to address a suppressed memory or to return the patient to their childhood. But do we really need a swinging watch to enable us to see ourselves, to enable us to reflect on our internal dreams and desires? hypnosis is an image-based performance staged for an audience of one. It is a ritual of intimacy and connection, a vehicle into your subconscious. hypnosis is a performance for those who dream with their eyes open.
craig quintero upcoming projects
we're all in this together / Taipei Fine Arts Museum / July 7-September 20, 2017

This exhibition invites guests to transgress the liminal boundary between spectator and spectacle and participate in the creation of the work of art. we’re all in this together immerses guests in an installation, inviting them to interact with the space
as performers and photographers. Our invitation encourages guests not only to “see art” but also to “be art.” This is an exhibition of inclusion, a cutting of the red ropes that separate art from life, a celebration of art as action.
craig quintero upcoming projects
insomnia / Song Shan Culture Park / Taipei, Taiwan / December 21-24, 2017

1:00AM. It’s the same city as during our normal waking hours, the same architecture, the same streets, but somehow, in these early morning hours, it changes. Or we change. Our senses are heightened, our eyes perceive and process light differently, noises are amplified… and the normal cast of characters that we encounter during the normal waking hours also change. The businessmen shuffling to work and children rushing to school are replaced by nightshift workers and late night revelers, the club music and street cleaners adding a different soundtrack to our familiar cityscape. Staged at the Song Shan Culture Park at 1:00AM, “insomnia” is a lullaby for those who lie awake at night, a potion for dreaming with your eyes open.