craig quintero upcoming/recent projects Taiwan National Theatre
Dreams and Shadows
Taipei International Festival of the Arts
Taiwan National Theatre
April 7-9, 20023

There is something unnerving about the ghostly shape left on a wall after we remove a painting. And in the worn foot patterns on a carpeted floor and the smudged fingerprints on a child’s toybox. These traces that linger after we are gone… And in these times of military invasions and pandemic losses, it is easy to become subsumed by the presence of absence, to become acutely aware of the shadows that move among us.

Combining the image-based surrealism of Riverbed Theatre and the innovative aesthetics of Formosa Circus Art Company, this production celebrates the magical possibilities of a new form of Total Theatre. In this time of physical and social distancing, dreams and shadows provides a poetic space for reflection, a glimmer of light shining through the darkness.
craig quintero upcoming/recent projects Chaos & Memories Exhibition (PHI Centre)
all that remains
VR 360 Experience
Chaos & Memories Exhibition (PHI Centre)
March 18-June 13, 2023

We are comforted by facts, by the familiarity of things we know to be “true.” The sun rises in the east. There are twenty-four hours in a day. I exist. These truisms simplify our lives, enable us to get through the process of living. We are not afraid to leap into the air, because we know we will land on the ground. All That Remains explores the possibilities that exist beyond these everyday patterns, that blur the lines between truth and fiction.

"All That Remains" premiered at the 79th Venice Film Festival from August 31-September 11, 2022. It was also screened at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece), Filmmakers (Italy), and the Luxembourg Film Festival.

This project is sponsored by a grant from the Taiwan Creative Content Agency.
craig quintero upcoming/recent projects Summer 2023 Release
Over the Rainbow
VR 360 Experience
Summer 2023 Release

It is human nature to long for something more or different than what one has. At times, this aspirational dreaming can lead to advancements: someone finds a better career, leaves an abusive relationship, or, as is the case for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, returns home. But more often than not, this attitude leads to a sense of discontent with one’s own lot, an unquenchable desire for something new. "Over the Rainbow" explores this precarious balance between desire and satisfaction, encouraging an honest reflection on our own personal sense of identity and values. What are we searching for? Where do we call home? Are we happy? This VR experience takes the audience on a surreal journey from a theatre audition to a dark, David Lynch-inspired dreamscape to a Broadway-style musical. But "Over the Rainbow" offers more than a physical voyage; it is a trip within, an entering into of our aspirations, insecurities, and joys.